Friday, January 11, 2013

Citizen's Primer Against Corruption by Conception C. Asis

This Primer… is a collection of data and information in order to provide a simple and general understanding of corruption. Chapter 1, What is corruption? presents the definition, elements, types, and causes. Chapter 2, Tracking, Detecting and Monitoring Corruption, helps define ways to tract, detect, and monitor corruption it is often a covert action and comes in various forms. Chapter 3, Effects of Corruption on Poverty, Development and Governance, presents snap shots of effects of corruption on development and governance....
Chapter 4, The Moral Dimensions of Corruption, shifts the war against corruption from the battlefield of civic action to the domain of personal discipline. Chapter 5, Survey of Philippine Laws against Corruption, presents a legal overview of existing laws, administrative orders covering the conduct of government offices and employees in the government which include legal remedies. Chapter 6, Governance at the Core of Corruption, presents how corruption challenges governance. Chapter 7, Corruption in the Electoral System, is a presentation of fraud and corruption in the elections of 2004 and 2007, before the poll automation. In Chapter 8, Citizen's Participation in the Fight against Corruption, governance is the core in the fight under a democracy; it presents remedies and strategies on how to fight corruption. Chapter 9, Recommendations for Reforms against Corruption, is a brief discussion of proposals and plans for reforms. Chapter 10 is the conclusion.