Saturday, October 31, 2009

Leading Organizational Change by Ricardo Gonzalez

Leading Organizational Change
by Ricardo Gonzalez
Edited by Stephen J. Banta
2009. 512pp. ISBN 978-971-8558-53-9
How can leaders of an organization better utilize the creativity of their team members?  How can the collective energy of an organization be better focused to achieve shared goals? When does a leader let go so that the wisdom of the organization can manifest itself and thereby be fully applied? 
Author Ricardo Gonzalez, presents that a lot of the answers to organizational management and culture change issues can be found in the observation and understanding of how natural systems operate.

Monday, October 19, 2009


THROUGH THE EYE OF THE STORM by Danilo P. Vizmanos. FOREWORD by Antonio Zumel. The year was 1970. The Communist Party of the Philippines had been reestablished more than a year before, and within a few months the CPP had founded the New People's Army. Students and workers were marching in protest on the streets in ever-increasing numbers, and people's organizations were sprouting. The reactionary state was responding with its truncheons, its water cannons, its tear gas, its guns, its jails. The air was filled with shouted fighting slogans and explosions. The First Quarter Storm of 1970!

It was also later in that year that certain people in the Armed Forces of the Philippines were making a different kind of news. Before the year was out, 1st Lieutenant Victor Corpus had defected to the NPA. Navy Captain Danilo P. Vizmanos had written his college thesis seeking the recognition of the People's Republic of China. And another colleague of theirs, 2nd Lieutenant Crispin Tagamolila, was also preparing to defect to the NPA. And so did a host of the AFP's paramilitary forces, the so-called Barrio Self-Defense Units (BSDUs) in Central Luzon.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

DARE TO DREAM by Danilo Fausto

DARE TO DREAM by Danilo Fausto.  " inspiring tale of a venture undertaken for both profit and social purpose... an account of how a real, live entrepreneur has brought such a venture to communities of farmers in Nueva Ecija... Our leaders would do well to read this account and base national policy on the cloning of socially relevant entrepreneurs like Fausto..."  From the Foreword by Dr. Sixto K. Roxas

Friday, October 16, 2009


GLOBAL FILIPINO by Brett Decker.  The Authorized Biography of Jose de Venecia Jr., The Visionary Five-time Speaker of the House of Representatioves of the Philippines